The company Nikora has identified the scholarship holders

The company Nikora has identified the scholarship holders

18 Oct. 2021

The company "Nikora" continues to provide scholarships for food technology students of the Georgian Agrarian University this year.

Already for the fourth year, the students of the Georgian Agrarian University, who are distinguished by the best results, are receiving scholarships from the company "Nikora" as an incentive. Scholarship holders are identified on a semester basis.

All four scholarship holders: Nika Gomelauri, Giorgi Rtveliashvili, Sopiko Kharazishvili and Meri Kiria are the students of the faculty Food Technology.

Fourth year students Nika Gomelauri and Giorgi Rtveliashvili have been receiving monthly scholarships for the second year already.

"It is nice when a company from the private sector sees your work, appreciates you and tells you that the work you serve is necessary and important," - said Nika Gomelauri.

"It is a very good feeling for me when you are valued for your work during the study period, when the company tells you that it is very important to study well at the university. Consequently, of course, encouragement and reward are motivations. When you are taken care of in this way, you will hope that you will achieve more success in future,”- Giorgi Rtveliashvili explains.

Sopiko Kharazishvili and Meri Kiria are third year students, who will be the first students this year became scholarship holders.

"I learned about the scholarship at the university when I learnt that had a high GPA, but I had a little hope to get it…I was surprised to receive a letter mentioning about the scholarship and I was very happy. I realized that my work was appreciated and I had a desire to do everything better. At the same time, it is doubly rewarding when the interest and the incentive come from the same field, in which you want to do business in future. In this case, "Nikora" and my roads have already been crossed and, I hope that our relation will continue in terms of service in future,”- says Sopiko Kharazishvili.

"Despite the fact that culinary is very popular in Georgia, we have not many qualified staff in the field of technology and therefore we have to invite the foreign specialists. In fact, we can develop the food technology in our country and that’s why I decided to study towards this direction. The motivation for me is when you are noticed and appraised, you behave more responsibly and, of course, academic responsibility also increases,"- says Meri Kiria.