If you are a true admirer of German beer, prefer only premium vodka when having fun with your friends, or you follow a healthy life-style and a cold juice is an integral part of your daily diet – the production of "Intrade", "Nikora’s" subsidiary, is exactly for you.

"Intrade" has been importing foodstuffs, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and energy drinks of high quality since 2004 and cooperates with such well-known brands as "Lowenbrau", "Warsteiner", "Beck's", "Franziskaner", "Spaten", "Holba", "Bud", "Stella Artois" etc. "Intrade" exclusively offers its consumers world-known and the favorite German or Czech-made beer. 

In addition, the Company’s range of products includes:

✔ Vodka – "Gradus" 
✔ Soft drinks and energy drinks – "Juicy", "Juicy Junior", "Pfaner", "Naturalis" and juice "Aloe"
✔ The range of nuts of the brand "Peyman"
✔ Marinades, jellies and jams produced by "Vita"

There are only the premium class large producers among the partners of "Intrade". 



InTrade Partners

Production of InTrade