Nikora continues to issue scholarships

Food technology is one of the professions of the future world. Interest in this area never weakens. On the contrary, together with the development and improvement of the food market, more and more attention is given to this profession and the young generation expresses more interest in this area as well. Nikora, the largest meat products company in Georgia, has been taking care of encouraging stud...

Nikora is the general sponsor of Art-Gene Festival

For this year “Nikora” is still the general sponsor of everybody’s favourite “Art-Gene” festival.  From July 15, we will be awaiting you at the Museum of Ethnography, where you will find a resting space arranged specially for you and you will also be treated to our delicious food. For those, who admire relaxing in an open space, grilled hot dogs and listeni...

The team of JSC Nikora became the winner of the football tournament of...

An internal football tournament was held throughout JSC Nikora Holding and its subsidiaries. Nine teams took part in the tournament. Prizes were distributed as follows: First place: the team of JSC Nikora;   Second place: Partner LLC - warehouse; Third place: InTrade LLC - Intrade; The winners were awarded money rewards. The prize fund was distributed as follows: first pl...

Nikora continues to pay scholarships to students of food technology at...

The company “Nikora" continues to pay scholarships to the students of food technology at the Georgian Agricultural University this year, as well. While speaking about the professions of the future, we mainly think about the directions connected with modern technologies. However, one of the major directions of the future is food technology, which is quite a wide sphere and comprises i...

In case of buying Nikora meat products, 2% of incomes will be transfer...

In order to solidarity of Ukrainian people! In case of buying the meat products of “Nikora” in the supermarkets of Nikora, 2% of paid amount will be transferred in Ukraine.  Peace, stability an  solidarity to Ukraine!  Слава Україні!    

Recipes From Nikora

About Company

"Nikora", one of the leading food producing companies on Georgian market, founded back in 1998 produces everyone’s favorite sausages "Rdziani" and "Iveria". 

"Nikora’s" working strategy is a sustainable development, permanent expansion, implementation as well as introduction of new skills and novelties. The most important reason for company’s success is connected to the fact that the holding produces up to 500 products and along with meat it includes other products of food industry. 

Enterprises of half-finished products, fish, dairy products, ice-cream, bread, salads, frozen confectionary and wine producers are merged together in "Nikora Holding". The company is also actively engaged in the import of well-known products from authoritative foreign factories to produce its own, meanwhile the absence of the necessary farming products needed for local production is taking place in the country.

"Intrade" is the daughter company of "Nikora Holding", which imports globally known alcohol drinks and beverages from foreign countries to Georgia.

"Nikora" is also one of the largest employers in the country. More than 8000 people work in the company and this number is growing proportionally to the company’s development.

"Nikora" is one of the first among Georgian food producing companies, which for many years holds ISO 9001 : 2015; ISO 22000 : 2018 certificates and has introduced the HACCP system, in production, as well as in management fully respects internationally recognized quality control and food safety rules and standards.

24 years’ experience, consistently high-quality products, a diverse range of assortment, converge of price and value and permanent dialogue with the society leads "Nikora’s" customers to trust and loyalty.

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Addr: 2, A. Mrevlishvili Str