Nikora's Statement

JSC "Nikora" released a statement saying that the company in which the expired meat was found has no connection with them. According to the information released by the National Food Agency, violations were found in meat wholesale sales facilities. LTD “Nikora” was mentioned in the information, from which over 240 kg expired meat was removed. "None of the brands inv...

Training took place for Nikora Supermarket staff

Training took place for “Nikora Supermarket” staff The goal of 10-day training was to introduce the rules of production of meat products manufactured by Nikora, the production process and the advantages of the company's products. Employees were involved in the course of the training process. The most active participants were awarded with delicious gifts.  

Nikora has rewarded its employees

  The company "Nikora" has awarded distributors and pre sellers. The winners were revealed through a special competition that lasted for one month during the Football World Cup. Competition between distributors and pre sellers took place in different categories. One of the categories was the sale of new, protected packages of “Nikora". Those who had best resul...

The bowling championship took place between the subsidiaries of Nikora

On May 18, the internal corporate bowling championship took place between Nikora Holding's subsidiary brands. The championship, which was tense and at the same time joyful, has revealed the winners. I Place - LTD “Multi Trade"; II Place - LTD "In Trade"; III Place - LTD "Culinary"; The winners were awarded with different prizes.    ...

Salami Picante was added to Nikora’s assortment

Another delicious novelty can be found in Nikora supermarkets. Smoked sausage Salami Picante - for moderately spicy and aromatic sausage lovers. The new product can be found in "Nikora" supermarkets through Georgia.

Recipes From Nikora

About Company

"Nikora", one of the leading food producing companies on Georgian market, founded back in 1998 produces everyone’s favorite sausages "Rdziani" and "Iveria". 

"Nikora’s" working strategy is a sustainable development, permanent expansion, implementation as well as introduction of new skills and novelties. The most important reason for company’s success is connected to the fact that the holding produces up to 500 products and along with meat it includes other products of food industry. 

Enterprises of half-finished products, fish, dairy products, ice-cream, bread, salads, frozen confectionary and wine producers are merged together in "Nikora Holding". The company is also actively engaged in the import of well-known products from authoritative foreign factories to produce its own, meanwhile the absence of the necessary farming products needed for local production is taking place in the country.

"Intrade" is the daughter company of "Nikora Holding", which imports globally known alcohol drinks and beverages from foreign countries to Georgia.

"Nikora" is also one of the largest employers in the country. More than 6000 people work in the company and this number is growing proportionally to the company’s development.

"Nikora" is one of the first among Georgian food producing companies, which for many years holds ISO 9001 : 2008; ISO 22000 : 2005 – НАССР certificates and in production, as well as in management fully respects internationally recognized quality control and food safety rules and standards.

21 years’ experience, consistently high-quality products, a diverse range of assortment, converge of price and value and permanent dialogue with the society leads "Nikora’s" customers to trust and loyalty.