Novelty in Nikora's assortment

There is a novelty in Nikora’s assortment. The company offers a new type of sausage. A "Special Spicy" is as juicy sausage that is is moderately hot.  This products is an excellent choice for spicy sausage lovers.

Sausages Barcelona, Verona, Vienna, Marseille - News in Nikora's range

4 favorite cities and 4 different products made from high quality raw materials ... "Barcelona", "Verona", "Vienna", "Marseille" - new products were added to "Nikora's" assortment! Products that do not have analogy in Georgia are made of the ingredients of traditional cuisines of different countries and guides the customers in a variety of t...

Nikora to save Borjomi National Park

JSC "Nikora" has joined the campaign to save Borjomi National Park. The company planted 100 trees in the forest area and contributed to the restoration of the damaged area as a result of the 2008 fire. We remind you that the fire in Borjomi forest has damaged 950 hectares of land, while up to up to 250 hectares of forest cover was completely destroyed. The recent studies have shown th...

Nikoras team has succeeded in WINGS FOR LIFE WORLD RUN

"Nikora" team participated in WINGS FOR LIFE WORLD RUN this year too and got succeeded this time. Employees of the holding brands of the company took the start, along with the participants of 6 continents, from Lopota Gorge and were among the best. Valeri Tsiklauri - 29.58 km (The eleventh place in Georgia, the first place in the age category). Davit Bezarashvili - 19.85 km (S...

Nikora Joins Red Nose Campaign

This year, for the first time, Georgia officially joined Red Nose international campaign. With an initiative of Aka Sinjikashvili, funds raised from selling red noses, will support Nikusha Dvaladze’s leukemia treatment. The idea is to help children through the humor was emerged in early 1985! While the First Nose Day was firstly celebrated in Ethiopia in 1988. For that time more than 150 ...

Recipes From Nikora

About Company

"Nikora", one of the leading food producing companies on Georgian market, founded back in 1998 produces everyone’s favorite sausages "Rdziani" and "Iveria". 

"Nikora’s" working strategy is a sustainable development, permanent expansion, implementation as well as introduction of new skills and novelties. The most important reason for company’s success is connected to the fact that the holding produces up to 500 products and along with meat it includes other products of food industry. 

Enterprises of half-finished products, fish, dairy products, ice-cream, bread, salads, frozen confectionary and wine producers are merged together in "Nikora Holding". The company is also actively engaged in the import of well-known products from authoritative foreign factories to produce its own, meanwhile the absence of the necessary farming products needed for local production is taking place in the country.

"Intrade" is the daughter company of "Nikora Holding", which imports globally known alcohol drinks and beverages from foreign countries to Georgia.

"Nikora" is also one of the largest employers in the country. Up to 4000 people work for the company and this number is growing proportionally to the company’s development.

"Nikora" is one of the first among Georgian food producing companies, which for many years holds ISO 9001 : 2008; ISO 22000 : 2005 – НАССР certificates and in production, as well as in management fully respects internationally recognized quality control and food safety rules and standards.

18 years’ experience, consistently high-quality products, a diverse range of assortment, converge of price and value and permanent dialogue with the society leads "Nikora’s" customers to trust and loyalty.