Sausages Barcelona, Verona, Vienna, Marseille - News in Nikora's range

Sausages Barcelona, Verona, Vienna, Marseille - News in Nikora's range

01 Jun. 2017

4 favorite cities and 4 different products made from high quality raw materials ... "Barcelona", "Verona", "Vienna", "Marseille" - new products were added to "Nikora's" assortment!

Products that do not have analogy in Georgia are made of the ingredients of traditional cuisines of different countries and guides the customers in a variety of taste in the world. The aim of the project is to introduce customers the taste of different countries' cuisine.

Above mentioned products are already sold at "Nikora’s" supermarkets.

"Barcelona" - meat products are very popular in Catalonia ... The new sausage Barcelona is as attractive, creative, dynamic and new full of new expectations as the city of Barcelona itself. The sausage, compounded with a paprika, needs to be fried (grilled). The product has a clear meat taste you cannot feel the taste of spices.

"Verona" - Verona is known as Italy's "City of Lovers" ... Spaghetti, carbonara, pizza - cheese, sausage and paprika ... In fact, this sausage is made of pizza ingredients that makes it very aromatic and tasty. Sausage Verona can be boiled or grilled.

"Vienna" - Vienna is a classic and elegant city with its unique charm ... The city is known as Europe’s cultural capital and homeland of sausage ... The same classic and gentle taste is preserved in "Nikora's" sausage "Vienna". During tasting it you will feel a very delicate and aromatic structure of the sausage. The sausage needs boiling.

"Marseille" - a magical city ... Extremely diverse French cuisine ... French favorite product is cheese that’s why sausage "Marseille" is made of it. This product also needs to be grilled.