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Mzareuli bakery

Mzareuli bakery

Mzareuli bakery

The production of the high quality baked goods and pastry and the delicious frozen cakes is "Nikora’s" another major success. "Mzareuli’s Bakery" was incorporated into the Company’s Holding in 2008. It gained wide popularity and to date, it is considered to be "Nikora’s" one of the most successful brands. 

"Mzareuli’s Bakery" is equipped with up-to-date Italian equipment enabling the production under the international standards. The primary products, used in the production process, are also of high quality and are made by the leading factories of Austria, Belgium, Turkey and Russia. 

There’s no doubt that "Mzareuli’s" sweets and baked goods will decorate your feast and will create the most delicious mood.


The range of products include:

✔ Buns and crackers of up to 10 types
 Frozen products – puff pastry, "Lobiani" (dish of bean-filled bread), "Khachapuri" (dish of cheese-filled bread)
More than 15 varieties of bread 

The variety of the range of the bread of "Mzareuli’s Bakery" should be highlighted. The Company, with due regard for the public demand, offers to its consumers the following variety of bread: stone bread, unleavened bread, toast bread and hotdog bun, as well as baguette and Borodinsky bread.