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The production of the meat products is the first and one of the most successful business lines of "Nikora" JSC. The first organized foodstuffs enterprise, established under the modern standards, laid the foundations of the development of the production of the meat products in this country and served as a guiding star for other business companies in the market. "Nikora" has been maintaining the leading position in the market for 25 years with a 35% share of the meat products market.

The various types of sausages and small sausages, boiled, smoked, summer sausage products and a diverse choice of ham enjoy wide popularity among the Georgian consumers. The popularity of "Nikora" is stipulated by the following factors: the up-to-date infrastructure used in the production, healthy and environmentally friendly products, the experienced staff that is constantly developing from the professional point of view, the permanent feedback with the consumers and, of course, the special recipes fitted as much as possible for the Georgian taste.

At various times "Nikora" was the first in Georgia to launch the production of different categories and for a long time it had been an exclusive producer. For instance, summer sausage of "Kaiser" line that is recognized delicacy worldwide. Its high-level production requires great professionalism and experience.

"Nikora’s" products:

"Nikora" started with the production of frankfurter "Rdziani" and "Iveria" and at present, it meets the taste of the most demanding consumers. 

The range of "Nikora’s" products includes:

✔ Frankfurter and small sausages of up to 20 varieties
✔ Boiled and smoked sausages of more than 25 varieties
✔ Summer sausages of up to 15 varieties
✔ Ham of up to 20 varieties.


"Nikora’s" production is prepared in the central and regional enterprises in Tbilisi and Poti with a 30 tons productivity rate on a daily basis. 

The production process is implemented through the up-to-date equipment of the global industrial brands "Laska" (Austria), "Hantman", "Demag", "Multivak", "Poly-Clip" (Germany). The Company constantly follows global technological developments and regularly updates its machinery.  

"Nikora" is one of the first among Georgian food producing companies, which for many years holds ISO 9001 : 2015; ISO 22000 : 2018 standards and has introduced the HACCP system.

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