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Do you know where does the best category fish inhabit? In the Atlantic Ocean (off the coast of Norway), which has supplied the whole world and including "Okeane" with the healthy primary product of the highest quality for many years.

"Okeane" entered the Georgian market in 2003 and nowadays it is considered one of the largest enterprises domestically. The brand offers its consumers a wide range of fish in the Georgian market.

"Okeane’s" caviar and trout, bred in the company-owned fishery in the city of Ozurgeti, command popularity from the consumers. The fishery provides "Nikora" Supermarket Chain with live trout and salmon caviar.


The range of "Okeane’s" products includes: 

✔ Live, chilled and frozen fish
✔ Cold smoked fish
✔ Hot smoked fish
✔ Salted fish
✔ Smoked and cooked fish, slightly salted fish
✔ Preserves

Preserves rank high among the range of products of the brand. "Okeane" was the first to launch the production of preserves in Georgia.  Fish preserves are prepared at low temperature without sterilization and pasteurization that maintains all the useful quality, mineral or microelements in the product.

A monthly production capacity of "Okeane" enterprise exceeds 30 tons. 

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Addr: 2, A. Mrevlishvili Str