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Delicate, tasty odour of freshness that you will feel while tasting "Paloma’s" production is achieved by using natural components in the production process. The ice creamis made on the butter and condensed milk and is sure to stand out for its taste and consistency. 

"Nikora" has been manufacturing "Paloma" brand products since 2005 and nowadays the consumers are provided with up to 20 varieties of ice cream. The Company imports primary products of high quality from the factories in Ireland, Holland, Austria, Brazil and New Zealand cooperates only with global enterprises in this regard. 

The range of "Paloma’s" products includes:

✔ Soft serve – vanilla, chocolate, vanilla and chocolate
✔ Family ice-cream – vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, vanilla and chocolate
✔ Ice-cream in a cup - vanilla, chocolate, vanilla and chocolate
✔ Full-cream ice – chocolate, strawberry jam, caramel, cherries and chocolate, caramel and nuts 

In addition, the range of products of the brand includes the world known and beloved Italian ice-cream "Stracciatella" and the French caramel cream. 

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